About Us

[ About Maroon Pools Supply & Service, LLC ]

Since 2010, Mike Mojica and the team at Maroon Pools Supply & Service, LLC have been providing the people of the Brazos Valley with top-notch pool supplies and services. We can handle every phase of your pool project, from the initial installation to the supplies and service. Customer service always comes first for us, so you can rest assured we’ll take great care of you every step of the way.

The Green Revolution

Thanks to our support for the Aggies, we may very well bleed maroon – but when it comes to our love of the planet, our hearts are green.

Mike actually started his business as a typical pool installation and service company. It’s only been in recent years that we’ve made being eco-friendly the center of our business. We want to help our customers care for our environment while saving money and energy at the same time. After all, when you get to enjoy your pool with a clear conscience and keep more of your well-earned paycheck, that’s a win-win all around.

We invite you to learn more about our business, either by stopping by our pool supply store or calling us today! Whether you’re putting in a pool for the first time or looking for reliable pool service, we look forward to serving you!
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